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Fun & Creativity


The art activities are generally open-ended except for seasonal celebrations and special occasions. Children generally go through certain universal states in their painting and drawing. A variety of drawing materials are available throughout the year. Our art area includes painting, stamping, chalking, punching, cutting, pasting, tracing, play dough, clay work, and collage.


We believe that a child's musical training should begin as young as three years old to encourage group music making. Emphasis is placed on improving skills such as singing in tune, learning the natural rhythms of words and rhymes, as well as listening and moving to music.


French is taught through games, songs, and activities. The children will be introduced to the French terms for numbers, colours, body parts, day of the week, etc. We act out nursery rhythms and enjoy dramatics.


The child has a tendency to investigate, and to make abstractions. In order to realize this, the centre provides materials for exploring, classifying, estimating, patterning as well as number recognition, number rhymes, shape recognition and measurement. The materials in the environment allow this to develop through their use. This happens naturally and informally and sometimes with more formal presentations.

Outside Play

We have big playground just outside our door and make every attempt to go out daily for at least 30 minutes, weather permitting. The child is active in a safe environment having sensorial experience involving taste, sound, smell, touch, weight, shape, color, texture, etc. these support and encourage gross and fine motor activity. Attaining confidence in these areas enhances self-esteem, social expertise, and good health. Children are better also to cope emotionally if their physical needs are met.

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